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We collect and distribute menstrual supplies for people who are homeless.

Time of the Month Club, Inc. is a small, nonprofit (501 (c) 3) located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Time of the Month Club was established in 2012 and has been distributing menstrual supplies through the local emergency shelter system and street outreach since that time.

Each year, we distribute nearly 50,000 tampons and pads and 500 pairs of underwear.  And while that is a significant amount of menstrual supplies, the need is ongoing. A person’s period doesn’t stop because they’re homeless. But often their ability to buy tampons and pads disappears. They are then forced to do without, use makeshift solutions, and risk their hygiene, health, and self-respect in the process.

People who are homeless shouldn’t have to suffer the stress and humiliation that results from having no menstrual supplies. 

Your donation to Time of the Month Club goes directly to the purchase of tampons, pads, and underwear. And those products go directly to the people who need them. There are no administrative costs and no salaries, just the purchase and delivery of menstrual supplies.

We advocate for menstrual equity.

We believe that access to decent menstrual supplies is a fundamental human need and so we advocate for making supplies more accessible and affordable, especially for people without resources including students, those who are homeless, and people who are incarcerated.

Time of the Month Club invites you to follow us on Facebook.  If you are not located in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area but are interested in collecting menstrual supplies for people who are homeless, we encourage you to read 7 Steps to Organizing a Menstrual Supplies Donation Drive for Homeless Women.  And if you have questions or want more information, please contact Time of the Month Club directly. We are always happy to help!

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Photo credit: Annika Gordon on Unsplash