What It’s Like to be Homeless without Menstrual Supplies

Getting caught without a tampon or pad at a crucial time is a common experience.

Has it happened to you? You’re in an office building. You look in your purse and then remember — you already used your last tampon. You go to the vending machine in the bathroom and the machines are empty. You take a chance and ask the woman who is washing her hands next to you and she doesn’t say anything. She just shakes your head.

What do you do? Use toilet paper. Scoot down the street to the store. Buy a box, duck into another bathroom, fix your problem.

But what if you have no money? No way to buy tampons or pads. Then what?

Watch this short video to get a deeper understanding of what it means to be homeless and without menstrual supplies. How Do Homeless Women Cope with Their Periods